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A Fresh Introduction

Welcome to my very very own websites!

I am thrilled to see you reading this, and first and foremost I wish you all the best and good days ahead. Thank you for joining me today!

In this website, I will be sharing information such as introductions, interesting experiences I been through, regardless workplaces or own research, some tiny developments and sharing as well. Posts and pages will be updated times to times; Both perspective, I’m sorry if the updates take longer than you expected, and I’m grateful if so meet your expectations.

Let me guide you quickly, most of the readings are accessible with the drawer, someone call the “burger” in the topmost left side, where that navigation panel could take you onboard to the journey!

I am so glad if any of the sharing could help you, motivate you, enlighten you, or even make you laugh. Please don’t hesitate to provide me feedbacks, comments and points of view in anytime.

As always, I believe technologies can improve our lifestyles, advance our expectation, and make human race enjoy lives. Within, I sincerely wish, in the same time, am working on those ideas, where one day I could contribute to the societies, the Mother Earth, the Human Race, Families, Environments and Future.

I wish you a happy reading, happy finding, and happy exploring!

🖋️ First Drafted 17th August 2021 🖋️ Last Update: March 2022